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Affordable Connectivity Program
and Medicaid Redetermination

Affordable Connectivity Program

Help patrons sign up for $30/month off home internet service. With some providers, internet service will be free. Patrons are eligible if they participate in a government assistance program, such as Medicaid or SNAP, or receive free or reduced-price meals at school, or if their household income is at 200% of the federal poverty level.

Patrons start here:
on a computer or smartphone.



Medicaid Redetermination

Many Medicaid and Peachcare for Kids members across Georgia will learn their coverage will end during the 17-month Medicaid Redetermination phase, which began April 1, 2023. Many will learn they’re ineligible and many could face an appeals process. Refer patrons to: 

for more information, including a useful FAQs list.

Medicaid Redetermination Job One

The most important thing Medicaid member patrons can do is confirm that their contact information is correct. Patrons can update their information in one of three ways:  

  1. Online at :  

  2. In person at their local DFCS: 

  3. By phone at 1-877-GA-DHS-GO or 711 for the hearing-impaired 

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