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Two-thirds of Georgia’s third-graders are not reading on grade level, bringing long-term negative consequences to these children, their families, their communities, and our state. Unwilling to yield any longer to the unspeakable rate of illiteracy in Georgia, hundreds of public and private leaders from across the state and across sectors have come together to take on third-grade reading as an urgent priority for all who care about children’s health and well-being. Together, we developed a four-pillar framework outlining the conditions necessary for every child in Georgia to become a proficient reader by the end of third grade, paving the way to improved outcomes throughout school and life.


Care for a young child?

Bright by Text is for anyone who cares for and loves a child, prenatally through age 8: parents, grandparents, babysitters, aunties, uncles, friends, teachers, and more.

Bright by Text can help!

We send free text messages with easy, practical tips and activities right to your cell phone. Our content comes from trusted partners like PBS and Sesame Street. Messages are targeted to your child’s age and include information on development, language and early literacy, health and safety, behavioral tips, and more.

We only ask for your child’s birth date and zip code. That way, you’ll get messages timed to their exact age and information about local events and resources. We will never share your info! Bright by Text is free, but message and data rates may apply.

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Help Them Learn and Grow. Bright by Text. Sign up now! text GPB to: 274448
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