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This summer we are celebrating friendship, community, collaboration, and all the things that make us stronger when we work together. Your local library is where all the different people in your community and all the world's incredible stories meet up to form a truly special place dedicated to living, learning, and growing together! Summer is a great time to explore what we have to offer and find something that makes you love reading.

Our summer reading program encourages children and families to read all summer long, wherever your journey takes you! You can read books from the library or from home.

WHO IS IT FOR? Children of all ages!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Color in each activity on your BINGO card as you complete it. When you get a BINGO (5 circles in a row across, up and down, or diagonally,) head into the library to get a prize!

1ST BINGO: Receive mini-bubbles               2ND BINGO: Receive a waterproof vinyl sticker

3RD BINGO: Receive a squishie animal      4TH BINGO: Receive a pea-pod popper              

5TH BINGO: Receive a journal and a multi-color pen

SRP 2023 Badges (1).png

Join us at the library for great books and
fun crafts all summer long!

Every two weeks we will have a different craft available for you to
complete on your visit to the library.

May 22 through June 2 -- Safety Together
Make Your Own F
irst Aid Kits

June 5 through June 16 -- Animal Friends
Jelly Fish Craft & Possum Craft

June 19 through June 30 -- Kindness Cactus
Make Your Own Cactus Ro
ck Garden

July 3 through July 14 -- Shine A Light
Make Your Own Nightlight with Orbeez

July 17 through July 28 -- Salute the Troops
Military Exhibit and Goody Bags

SRP 2023 Badges (1).png
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