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GALILEO stands for “GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online,” an initiative of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. GALILEO is an online library portal to authoritative, subscription-only information that is not available through free search engines or Web directories.

Access over 100 databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals. Over 10,000 journal titles are provided in full-text. Other resources include eBooks, encyclopedias, business directories, and government publications. Through collaboration and resource sharing, GALILEO seeks to provide equal access to information for all Georgia citizens.

Galileo Logo Georgia's Virtual Library. An Initiative of the University System of Georgia. Click here to visit the Galileo website!
To access GALILEO, you'll need a library card. Click here to visit the PINES website to get one. Then click the logo below to access the world of GALILEO!
Galileo Logo with North American Hemisphere.

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