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We offer access to great digital content for all of your devices! All you need is your library card, a device, and internet access. Borrow ebooks, audiobooks and magazines to read on your phone or tablet using the Libby app by Overdrive. You can even read books on your Kindle! It's free and easy to get started. First, click here to visit the PINES website to apply for a library card. Then, click on Libby below to start reading!
Libby with link to PRLS GADD page

Once in the app: 

  1. Search for Piedmont Regional Library

  2. Select Georgia Download Destination

  3. Enter your library card number.

Browse and borrow!

Overdrive Donates Kids & Teens Titles to Public Libraries Worldwide

Books you can read right now. Libby. The library reading app.
Books you can read right now. Libby. The library reading app.
Books you can read right now. Libby. The library reading app.
Books you can read right now. Libby. The library reading app.

To help libraries meet increased demand for digital content, OverDrive donated 260 juvenile and young adult titles to public libraries around the world. This bundle includes high-interest ebook, audiobook and Read-Along titles that are always available to patrons through September 1, 2024. In addition to always being available, multiple patrons can check out the same title at the same time. This makes these titles perfect for book clubs and classroom use. Click below for the list of titles. Then follow the instructions above to use the Libby app to check them out!

Visit Everyone Reads .com
Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines. Libby. The reading app from our library, built by OverDrive. Visit

Find videos featuring authors and celebrities discussing why they love to read (and listen) to books! You'll also find book recommendations from your favorites!

Everyone Reads is a social movement designed to show the countless reasons and inspirations why we all love reading. In an effort to promote literacy and raise awareness for the joys of literature, we’re looking at stories from authors and celebrities about what made them fall in love with reading, what reading means to them and why they continue to read. These are stories about the importance of books, the worlds reading can take us to, and what it means to us. Everyone has their own story and we’re excited to share them. Whether it’s physical books, ebooks, or audiobooks, everyone reads.

The digital library is always open. Read on Libby. Visit the PRLS GADD page.