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for Piedmont Regional Library System

Approved January 2022


Read the following and click "Accept" to access the Internet.

Purpose Statement


The Piedmont Regional Library System offers the Internet as one means to fulfill its mission: providing access to information and services for the citizens of Banks, Barrow, and Jackson counties in order to meet their educational, informational, recreational, and cultural needs.

All Library-provided Internet resources are available equally to all users, with the understanding that each user is responsible for demonstrating good judgment, respect for others, and appropriate conduct while using all Library resources.

The Library allows Internet access to patrons of all ages. Parents who believe their children cannot use the Library's Internet access responsibly are advised to monitor their children's Internet use. The Piedmont Regional Library System uses Internet filtering software to create a CIPA-compliant environment. CIPA (the Children’s Internet Protection Act) requires libraries enjoying the E-Rate discount to employ filters that block visual depictions which are obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors.


Library computers may not be used for illegal purposes. The Georgia Computer System Protection Act establishes certain acts involving computer fraud or abuse as crimes punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Hacking, tampering with hardware, damaging library software, or other acts which obstruct, interrupt, or cause the computer to malfunction or are intended to disrupt computer functioning elsewhere are prohibited.

(O.C.G.A § 16-9-150)

The Library reserves the right to suspend computer use by individuals who demonstrate a lack of care for the equipment, refuse to abide by the Library’s Internet Use Policy, or refuse to follow the Computer Use Rules of Conduct. Library employees are authorized to take prompt and appropriate actions to enforce the Rules of Conduct, and/or to suspend use by those who fail to comply with the Internet Use Policy as stated or implied herein.

Computer Use Rules of Conduct


  1.  Users may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted files or networks, or to damage or modify computer equipment or software.

  2.  Users may not access sites that contain pornography, obscenity, or other illicit materials not permitted in the library and against the laws of the state of Georgia.

  3.  Users may not utilize proxy sites that circumvent the Internet filter or take unauthorized actions to by-pass the filter.

  4.  Users are responsible for all printing costs regardless of the number of pages they intended to print.

  5.  Users must respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.

  6.  Users must sign up to use the Internet on a next-available-computer basis. Telephone reservations for computers will not be taken.

  7.  The number of sessions allowed and the length of each session varies by library and the time of day.

  8.  Users must end their session and leave the computer when asked to do so by Library staff, even if they are not finished.

  9.  Users must respect the privacy of other users and will refrain from attempting to view or read material being used by others.

  10.  By mutual agreement, two persons may share an access session as long as their behavior or conversation does not disturb other users or Library staff.

Suspension of Computer Privileges


When users violate the Internet Use Policy or Rules of Conduct, Library Staff are authorized to take prompt and appropriate action to terminate sessions and deny computer privileges for the remainder of the day. Library Managers may suspend privileges for specific users for up to one month. The Regional Director can suspend privileges at all Piedmont Regional Libraries for an extended period or permanently bar a user from computer use in the Library. Suspended users may request reinstatement of Internet access privileges in writing to the Manager or Regional Director.

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